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About usProfessionals with 30 years of experience

Who we are ?

Our commitment is to develop, build software tailored to the client, and in same time take care for the efficiency, quality, reliability, availability and integrity of information with which the client works.

SPD Computing

SPD is a software company whose main goal and task is the development of quality application software intended for banks, savings banks and other financial institutions.

The company exist since 1989 and till the very today constantly is evolving, following the needs of its customers.

Our products

Platforms for the development of our solutions completely follow the trend in the development and implementation of financial software.

As part of its development, currently we are working on the third generation of our products, whose leader is Bank3000 , which is more prevalent in our market.


What we do

SPDs primary goal is to develop software for banks and financial institutions that will fully satisfy their needs, from specially developed software for counting, lending, savings, payment and card payment operations, to web oriented software, e-banking, m-banking…

But, there is one more important thing! We are not developing and take care only for the banks and financial institutions; we can be an excellent choice also for the small businesses no matter of their activity purpose.


The maintenance of our systems is implemented through multiple media and modes of contact with our customers in order to work efficiency.


In order to more efficient operations and presence in all areas of financial and media operations, SPD as part of their activities, to present and future customers, offers the following services:

Development and evaluation

on application of financial solutions.


deploying software solutions and adapt them according to your needs.

web development

Develop Web-oriented solutions for the operation of financial companies.


of installed solutions and support to its customers (through direct telephone line, VPN, Web).


transactions / month


Processed data / day


Users / day


Smiles / day

Our solutions

Guided by users needs, our solutions include complete financial operations for financial institutions; divided into several products depending on the volume and different categories, including:

Compose software for your needs

Choose which modules you need

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Contact information

Shopping center "Mavrovka" - Skopje, Macedonia

+389 (0)70 302 570





Technical support


+389 (0)70 302 570