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Bank 3000 lite

This product represents a modulation of product intended for banks and large financial institutions, hence this solution is modulated depending on clients needs (exchange, financial company, brokerage house ....).


"Bank3000lite" is product intended for smaller financial institutions, exchanges and brokerage houses. In particular this product consists of several modules, which are divided by function and needs of companies. Bank3000lite is composition of modules: accounting for foreign exchange, currency exchange, credit, etc. Each of these modules is integrated into a single database and a single console through which the data is available. Bank3000lite represents a product modulated depending on the customers need.


  • Modular and easily expandable
  • Simplicity
  • Real-time accuracy
  • Safe and secure
  • Integration with Exchange
  • Support customer and regulatory reports
  • Automated procedureс
  • Small TCO
  • Analytical reports

Composite modules :

Additional modules: